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Why Eat Organic Produce?

Your taste buds will thank you!

Organic produce tastes better! You will taste the difference in the selection of unadulterated fruits and vegetables we are happy to provide to you.

The planet will thank you!

Organic produce protects your health and the planet by reducing exposure to toxic pesticides that get into the air, ground, and water.

It helps reduce our nationís dependence on external energy. The conventional farming industry is the biggest user of petroleum in the United States, and not having to run more tractors or crop dusters to spread their pesticides and artificial nutrients saves spent fuel.

Organic farming promotes healthy soil that grows more nutritious produce than the produce grown from conventional farms.

Organically grown crops have shown the ability to absorb more carbon, which could help reduce global warming.

Produce that is certified organic is grown without genetic engineering. It is also grown without the use of manures, sludge from sewage, synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or growth hormones.

Your body will thank you!

Studies have found that organic produce is significantly higher in cancer-fighting antioxidants than conventional produce.

Your community will thank you!

Support the small farmers. Most organic farms are family owned farms with less than 100 acres. These small farms and business' like ours are what drive opportunity for our communities.

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